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Marti Oakley Australian Guardianship Stories

Marti Oakley -8th April 2019

"Chris" : Guardian Abuse & Estate Theft Australian Style

Marti Oakley -22nd April 2019

"June Walker" : Misuse of Guardianship by Facilities, Hospitals & Provider

Marti Oakley -30th April 2019

"Mia" : Australian Theft of Generational Wealth from the Elderly

Marti Oakley -7th May 2019

"Doug Young" : Australian & American Guardianship Systems Comparison

Marti Oakley -21st May 2019

"Chris & Deb Jenkinson" : Public Trustees & Guardians, Licence to Steal


Marti Oakley -11th June 2019

"Rosslyn, Bernie & Ian Curr" : Australia Talks Back on Public Guardians

Marti Oakley -18th June 2019

"Krysty" :Australia Talks Back....Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission...Really??

Marti Oakley -9th July 2019

"Current Events in Australia"

Marti Oakley -21st Oct 2019

Marti Oakley - 6th Jan 2020