To understand how this system works you have to understand the why. The elderly are sitting on $$$ usually in real estate that will pass to the next generation. competition to acquire these assets is high. TRILLIONS of dollars.

The power to control your life or a loved one comes from Powers of Attorney & tribunal orders. Not all the professions listed below IN THE CHART will behave in this manner. But the unaccountable power and rewards of $$ make these areas open to exploitation, abuse & neglect. Weaknesses in capacity testing, legislation and interconnecting groups make this very profitable and open to collusion and unaccountability.

Remember: The main aim is to gain control and once they have control to KEEP control. Below are a list of some of the tactics our members have witnessed by Guardians & trustees & service providers:





We see this often and in this case a the victim is easily taken by the system and usually locked away in care whilst his/her assets are stripped. As a guardian is placed over the victim, the victim is silenced. This is an awful situation to be in.


We suggest that people in this circumstance attempt to access outside help like from AASGAA via the internet if they can do so. The problem is this group of victims is often drugged up and silenced.

Jozef was one such victim who managed to escape to Poland.



This is the most important area and it is the area that need to be fully understood by the reader. We have seen too many cases of professionals giving an opinion on capacity and NOT having the qualifications to assess the illness at hand.

We have seen the double coin: people with capacity being assessed as not having 'capacity" and visa versa.

The truth is:

1. Only a neurologist and/or psychiatrist can legally assess most illnesses esp capacity & dementia. Anyone else is offering their 'opinion'. Most are not even qualified to offer an opinion.

2. Judgement, reasoning and decision-making (i.e executive impairment or cognitive impairments affecting decision making ) are only relevant. Not physical looks nor physical actions or even words.

3. Tricks are employed to confuse the victim and family. Physical capacity is often used instead of decision-making capacity. Substandard medical tests and using professionals who cannot LEGALLY determine dementia, only offer an opinion.



The most common is to select their doctors and people that are not qualified to determine capacity. Only a NEUROLOGIST and PSYCHIATRIST can do this. We often see occupational therapist, psychologists, and teams of medical personnel all join in. They ARE NOT qualified to give an opinion and often they have links to state-funded or age care funded facilities.

Always seek a Second opinion from a neurologist & psychiatrist and ensure the professional is impartial.


TESTING (See Medical testing Area for more info on the actual tests)

Mini mental- Only good memory and orientation impairments, useless in acquired brain, behavioural illnesses and dementia. The players will often use this test in cases where the victim has a behavioural issue as the test does not assess for that.

FAB-Frontal assessment battery assess executive impairment. The cut off score is 12 and often we find this test is not done or is 'missing'. If it is missing, usually the loved one has failed (frontal lobe damage) and the results are hidden. This test is often hidden and in some cases, we have seen low results of 6 & 9 and a so-called professionals still sign off stating the impaired person can make reasoned decisions.

Physical examination- A physical examination is needed to rule out any physical impairment that may affect capacity.

Behavioural assessment- This is essential and often missed. Do not accept the opinion of anyone OTHER than an impartial psychiatrist / neurologist who should ask you and your close family for a full details history and long term core values of the victim as well as the changes observed.

Medication- A detailed list and the side effects are needed as often capacity assessments are affected by medication. Medication for bipolar or schizophrenia is often used on patients with dementia which is not only dangerous but affects the prefrontal cortex.

Neuropsycological report- This tests the whole brain and one can see which part is affected. The 6 cognitive domains are tested. The most important area for decision making is the frontal lobe area or executive functioning. You need answers on vulnerability, judgement, reasoning, and recall(which can lead to false memories). This report MUST be read by a neurologist / psychiatrist. Do not ask the psychologist. They are NOT medical doctors.

The family must be a part of the process. Family information and history of the person are vital in assessing correctly the type of illness a person has. Personality changes and strange behaviours CAN NOT be picked up in testing alone. Telling the neuropsychiatrist of real-life behavioural changes is essential.


Often heard is "capacity is fluid". This is a standard comment. What does it mean? It does not answer IQ, reasoning, judgement and



Families have been confused often between physical and judgement. If you hear the following terms:

"XX can make an EPA"

"XX daily activities are not affected"

"XX can make a new will"


The so called professional is not referring to reasoning nor judgement but to physical actions. This is a common tactic used to justify the change of legal documents but the answers are addressing a physical action and not an action that tests reasoning, understanding, assessment of risk, vulnerability and judgement.

  • Remember, the following must be answered:
  • IQ or functioning age level of the person
  • Level of understanding of the person
  • Their ability to assess risk and consequences of their actions
  • Vulnerability and impulsive behaviour
  • Memory retain & RECALL is essential to address. Recall issues can lead to false memories and delusions.

Decision making:

  1. Retain & RECALL Information (Scanning or retain information is not enough. Recall is vital as delusions & False memories show up in recall)
  2. Understand information (IQ and abstract reasoning skills)
  3. Vulnerability, assessing risk and consequences. Weighing up decisions and alternatives
  4. Communicating decisions




A common tactic we see is vulnerable victims signed up BEFORE they have been properly assessed to have lost the informed capacity to consent to procedures and financial documents. Once these individuals are signed up to the State or other Individuals, the only route families have is to go into a tribunals and unless the family is united, the victim will often become a ward of the State and subject to public guardians and trustees.

When the victim has existing Powers of Attorney, then it is a little harder. The trick is then for the predators to find "professionals' who will give a professional opinion the victim has capacity.. capacity to sign legal documents. Once this is achieved, we have seen approx a few months later sign the victim is signed to new documents.

We have victims and families of victims experience the horror of social workers signing victims in vulnerable settings, usually hospitals. A trustee official and social worker(or other) will sign a person even if semi-conscious. This is how easy it is and often even if the carer or family complains, the tribunals officially do not revoke the orders. Families are often left in a weaker position and cannot fight these institutions who then use the victim's money to fight the victim and the family.

Once they have the victim's signature, the predators are in control and use the estate/victims' money to fight off anyone(including the victim).

Here you need TRUSTED legal eagles to help you.



This tactic is often used when the loved one has an illness of a behavioural nature and the family is finding it difficult to deal with these symptoms of the illness. It is not uncommon for victims of huntington's, frontotemporal dementia, acquired brain injury, strokes, parkinson's, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar to suffer from disinhibition and behave aggressively and generally lose reasoning.

In such cases, it is easier to disempower the family under the guise that this victim has 'rights. What you need to do in these cases is find a neuropsychiatrist who specialises in these illnesses and argues that these symptoms are part of the illness and therefore are NOT a reason to remove the family/carer as a guardian. In fact, it cements existing wills and powers of attorney.

Supported decision making only works when reasoning is not impaired and the individual requires some support in a physical capacity or to express in some way their wishes. It is next to useless when behavioural symptoms are involved.

If the system is successful in using this tactic, often the victim isolates themselves from support or is encouraged to and then a few months later the public guardians or others apply for guardianship/administration and the victim loses touch with the family/carers.




The most common tactic to use against families. The victim in these cases usually has no issue with family members or one family member. By using this tactic, the 'system' needs to isolate the victim quickly and then slowly disempower the victim from the family. The argument often used is that the victim 'loves' the family member or support person because they have been unduly influenced. Evidence is usually non-existent or fabricated.

Once the victim is captured by the system, elder abuse tactics are usually used to wean the victim from the family. Isolation allows the predators to 'work' on the victim. Eventually, the victim is weaned off the family & friends and under the complete power of the 'player' targeting them.




The most common tactic is to call family members elder abusers and abusers. Most of the time there is no evidence or minor issues blown out of proportion. We have seen gifts some decades back being used as a sign of elder abuse. Nothing is off-limits to discredit the family or support persons. The system has even used guilt tactics of inheritance to their advantage( never feel guilty about being a beneficiary). The main one is isolation. Once they isolate the victim, the tactics the predators use are designed to influence their thought process. Like a cult. Cult tactics are used on vulnerable people.

ISOLATION is the main tactic. Remember once the person is isolated and information is kept from them, it is easy to manipulate them and control them.

Following tactics elder abuse tactics against family/friends:

      • 1. Isolate you from loved
      • 2. Create a "siege" mentality
      • 3. Make the vulnerable person feel powerless
      • 4. Make the vulnerable person dependant
      • 5. Keep the siege mentality going
      • 6. Keep the truth away from the victim



Families are gagged in many ways. The reason often used is to 'protect the victim'. More often than not it is to stop the truth from being exposed. Tactics used are the following:


  • Victim silenced by tribunal orders once classified as 'protected';
  • Family silenced by tribunal orders once classified as 'protected';
  • Media receive advertising revenue and as such are usually silenced. In addition, media are silenced by 'privacy' laws;
  • Stalking charged or other allegations to stop family from contacting / speaking about the victim;
  • "Using a carriage to menace" - If you print on Twitter, Facebook or use the Phone or other such devices, the police can use this old piece of legislation to charge the victim or family and silence them on social media;
  • Fixated persons- There is a fixated persons unit in most states. This legislation is quite dangerous because if the State and their medical team believes a person is 'fixated' , then they actually can be institutionalised.
  • In some States like South Australia, victims are prevented from even naming the State.

No one can stop you telling the story from a third party perspective (i.e "I know a friend who went through this"). If you don't name names and connections, no one can stop you talking as long as you don't identify the victim and in some cases, the State the protected person lives in.



If you do not believe this is occurring, then you need to look at this link. We are seeing family & support stripped away from traditional settings to institutions. Note no FAMILY nor SUPPORT people in the triangle?


(See Picture after "Other Tactics")





  • Isolation-physical and mental (i.e Look at elder abuse tactics below)
  • Choosing medical professionals that will side with service providers(as listed above in "capacity" section)
  • Often do a 'deal' with another family member and recommend this person seek guardianship over honest members
  • Do deals with other interested parties and sell real estate without going to auction/ way under fair value
  • They will often talk privately to your own legal counsel to ensure a suitable 'outcome'
  • Creating conflicts in the family
  • Side with an abuser or people creating the issues
  • Outright lie
  • Sign up vulnerable person to new Wills & Powers of Attorney to their organisation
  • Slander or report you to other organisations
  • Cherry pick facts & evidence
  • Vexatious untested allegations
  • No investigation into allegations
  • Change doctors
  • Change lawyers
  • Ignore verifiable facts & evidence presented
  • Hide evidence
  • Hide reports
  • Destroy evidence
  • Missing transcripts
  • Last minute submissions so the chance of reply is removed
  • Select aged care facilities away from family & friends
  • Change mail address
  • Not notified hearing dates
  • Delay assessments & hearings. Keep you in the tribunal and avoid appeals to Supreme Court
  • Exhaust you Legally, Mentally, Physically, Financially
  • Deny you representation
  • Speak to the vulnerable person alone
  • Use symptoms of dementia (esp Behavioural Behaviours)
  • Psychological tactics:
      • Bullying tactics
      • Authority bias (i.e
      • Intimidation tactics
      • Grooming tactics
      • Love bombing tactics(i.e
      • Befriending the victim
      • Guilt in inheritance
  • Use Elder abuse tactics against family/friends:
      • 1. Isolate you from loved
      • 2. Create a "siege" mentality
      • 3. Make the vulnerable person feel powerless
      • 4. Make the vulnerable person dependant
      • 5. Keep the siege mentality going
      • 6. Keep the truth away from the victim
Social Worker Lawyer Model

Once the Predators have decision-making control, they will do everything to keep control whilst depleting the Estate. Fees are charged on everything and at a factor of more than 100% in many cases.

We have seen Assets over-inflated on the entry values (or initial take over) so the Management Fee is far more than the correct entry value. For Instance, in one case, a home valued at $215k was valued at $2.15 million (yes extra zero), thus $70k was charged instead of a few thousand.

We have also seen costs that have been kept from the victim/beneficiary and only viewed by the Judge/Member.

  • Same tactics as above
  • Over Inflate Assets at the Entry to over charge initial Capital Fee
  • High Risk Investments and Losses
  • Organising Hearings and notifying the victim/family the last minute
  • Statements handed once a year
  • Over payments to reduce cash balance to justify House Sales
  • Over payments due to Maladministration
  • Errors
  • Non payment of bills
  • Investing Assets in areas not returning
  • Interest earned less than the trustees fees charged
  • Charging more interest than the Bank Interest Rate
  • Opening Balance of Assets Statements differing to the last closing Balance
  • Unit Price on Investment discrepancies
  • Payment of Bills not relevant or related or unknown or work or services not provided
  • Yearly Statements only
  • Charging a yearly % fee on assets
  • Avoiding calls, answering letters or addressing questions


Please note: The Tribunals are NOT a Court and as such are informal and often people are shocked about the informality especially when it comes to proving facts and allegations(which often go untested). Tribunals are NOT a COURT...They are a Statutory Body and are often a rubber stamp for government policy. The best way to deal with this is to get a ruling and find a Question of Law to appeal on as facts and evidence are not avenues of appeal.






Strangers & Family Members and Others use Powers of Attorney to access control over a loved one of the victims. They often engage in the same behaviours above but their power can be revoked


If this is happening to you or a loved one, go into a Tribunal but DON'T waste your money there. Attempt to appeal on a Question of Law and use Legal Funding in a Court of Law. It is a waste of time in a Tribunal as many Members have had unpredictable outcomes and the Rule of Law is often ignored.