Christine Dalas AASGAA – ABC Four Corners Expose State Control

4 Corners bravely exposed the guardianship racket in Australia on the 14th of March 2022, titled State Control. Thank you, Anne Connelly, Ali Russell, Stephanie Zillman, and ABC Investigations for exposing this horrible State/Territory sanctioned system.

One of our advocates, Christine Dalas, appeared on the Four Corners expose and has been seriously targeted by online trolls, even stalked, harassed, and targeted personally by unknown or casual acquaintances.

One piece of fiction: AASGAA core members were involved in organising Covid protests in NSW, on the 31st of August 2021. A video of an unknown woman is being touted as Ms. Dalas. These are false and vexatious claims with no substantiated evidence provided whatsoever.

We do not know the woman in the video nor her identity.

Christine Dalas applied and was successful in obtaining a Personal Safety Intervention Order against the individual stalking and harassing her online, and distributing a video of an unknown woman being arrested in NSW during a Covid protest on 31st August 2021, falsely claiming it was Ms. Dalas, and falsely claiming she was involved in organising Covid protests in NSW, on the 31st August 2021.

The respondent failed to provide a chronology of events and evidence, to the court before the hearing.

The Magistrate presiding over the 2-day hearing allowed the respondent, 2-days to produce evidence to substantiate the allegations the respondent is making against Ms. Dalas, and to provide video footage of the unknown woman arrested in Sydney, which the respondent claims to be Ms. Dalas.

The respondent failed to submit the video footage or any evidence to the court. Stalking and harassment orders were successfully obtained by Ms. Dalas against the respondent, the respondent being the person who is distributing the video.

17th September 2022