Christine Dalas AASGAA – ABC Four Corners Expose State Control

On the 14th of March 2022, 4 Corners ( ABC Four Corners, State Control ) exposed the abuses in guardianship and administration in Australia. The episode was titled: State Control.

Thank you, Anne Connelly, Ali Russell, Stephanie Zillman, and ABC Investigations for exposing this horrible State/Territory sanctioned system.

The expose is just the start of exposing true stories facing many Australians in guardianship and administration and the connections and links to other groups such as NDIS providers, hospitals, aged care, group homes, social workers, lawyers, public guardians, public trustees, tribunals, and many more.

One of our advocates, Christine Dalas appeared on the Four Corners expose, State Control episode, along with many other advocates from other organisations.

Unfortunately, certain Australian and overseas guardianship advocates, including Christine Dalas, Marti Oakley and many other advocates, have been seriously targeted by online trolls, many unknown to us. One piece of fiction: that AASGAA core members were involved in and organised Covid protests in NSW, on the 31st August 2021.

These malicious statements are completely false and dishonest:

AASGAA core members, including Ms Dalas, were not involved in organising any Covid protests nor have they been arrested for such activities. Christine Dalas, was in another state, her home state of Victoria, on the 31st August 2021, assisting an AASGAA member in an all day AAT final hearing.

Core AASGAA activists have to undergo a police clearance check before they can advocate for our organisation. Our standards are extremely high to weed out unscrupulous characters, as we deal with some of the most vulnerable people in Australia.

AASGAA is a genuine support group: our core values are to assist, where we can, vulnerable victims dealing with guardianship and administration matters for free, and lived experiences on guardianship matters. We receive no government assistance or grants and fund our organisation from our own private resources.

This is a personal journey for many of our advocates, all of us seeking legislative changes in guardianship and administration in order to protect vulnerable people in Australia.

Please research any individuals or organisations, including law firms, charging for services. There are many reputable organisations and individuals that offer advice on guardianship matters, some free of charge like ourselves.

When dealing with any individuals and / or organisations you know little about, request valid proof of their full legal name, request a full current police clearance check and also request proof of any other legal matters pending that may be of relevance to you.

Many members of the public have contacted our organisation, concerned for our AASGAA advocates, especially Christine Dalas's safety and wellbeing. Christine Dalas would like to thank all those individuals who have contacted her and would like to assure all concerned, that she has taken appropriate steps to protect herself and her family and forwarded the false statements to the appropriate authorities.