"I packed up, took my son, and left"

No this is not a story from the Ukraine border nor Sierra Leone, nor the 1940's where Europe descended into a fascist continent, and where the horror stories of murder, exploitation, and death are still being told today.

This is now, the year 2023. Australia.

If this story sounds incredulous and somewhat conspiratorial, we at AASGAA strongly suggest you look at the following links and rethink your coloured cognitive stance:



There is an illusion of safety in Australia. An illusion that your Powers of Attorney and wills will protect you or be honoured, that your family can easily step in and look after you once you mentally and/or physically decline. Once in the hospital, you can leave and go back home to your safe bed. That you have human rights and can fend off any guardians and trustee attacks. Your ASSETS will be used to fight you. Your money frozen, your home sold and you or loved ones forced into care.

NDIS funding is now being used to keep victims under control. Funding paid to support workers who act more like Cerberus than Carers. This is the new world we live in.

More and more we are supporting many victims, mainly women, who have fled their State from public guardians (two fled overseas) running from a system that is hell-bent on taking over their lives and their loved ones. They are in hiding, couch surfing, or living with family interstate. One is on the run and living in hotels. Another living in a women's shelter!

As Australians, we should not live in fear of our governments, our governments should fear us. We should be able to easily complain and expose and talk about abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

The truth is, we cannot. It's a living nightmare.

This is real, it is happening. It's not Europe or Ukraine.

It's Australia

Wake up.


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  • Jenny, 18 March 2023 @ 10:33 am

    Story of my life 😶

  • XX, 13 March 2023 @ 1:04 pm

    My sister went through this in New South Wales. She moved to Victoria to get away.

    Scared to live here in OZ.

  • inflating, 13 March 2023 @ 10:13 am

    Incгedible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Worn down, 12 March 2023 @ 4:19 pm

    This is all too real and horrific burden of the individuals involved..

  • Jane, 11 March 2023 @ 11:27 pm

    This happened to my best friend. She still running from the QL public guardians

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