We talk about isolation quite a bit on here but it is far more sinister than just physical isolation.

We see often people physically isolated (the first step) and evidence at hand at this stage confirms the victim DOES want to see their loved ones, but is physically denied access.

This is STEP ONE of the most brutal evil process imaginable - UNDUE INFLUENCE.

What the abusers are doing at this stage, is isolating the victim to commence a process to take over the victim's thought process. TO TURN THEM against their family or trusted support and to make them dependent on the new carers/friends.

How can someone who loved you and you loved them, be turned against you? Easy.

Psychological cult tactics are employed to influence their decision-making.

Cults and predators always attack any opposition to their plans or outcomes. They just attack and attack, belittle, and portray themselves as the 'good guy' the 'trusted person', to the point the vulnerable person believes it. They create doubt, they humiliate any opposition or threat (often family) and by isolating the victim, there is no opposition to the continued barrage of disinformation.

A common tactic is to DISCREDIT the support network to make the victim powerless and vulnerable which allows the victim to be easily manipulated.

Physical isolation is designed to remove opposition and is the first step in taking control of a vulnerable victim in order to commence psychological tactics.

Once the victim is secured in a facility, we often see psychological tactics used to REMOVE support and LOVED ONES from the victims’ lives. designed to take FULL CONTROL of the victim's thought processes, for the predator’s gain.

We see this OFTEN in group home settings and aged care settings.

We see carers and employees of these facilities 'bond' with the victim.

Now bonding is not a bad thing but it is when they start competing with the family and trusted support (who are not a daily visitor to the loved one’s life) and the carer then can unduly influence the vulnerable person. The new 'carers' start a process of belittling the family ('they don't love you', 'they put you in here', 'where are they, they don't want to visit you, I am all you have' etc etc), and then start a process called love bombing and dependency ('I care for you', 'I am always here for you', 'You only have me in your life now' etc).

This process is to make the victim dependent on them ('we are your only friends') and powerless to the point the victim cannot mentally escape out of fear and frightened of being alone. Information regarding the outside world and family contact cease. The facilities ensure that no family at this point sees the vulnerable victim to influence their thought process. This is why AASGAA is AGAINST ISOLATION even if there is family conflict.

No family member should be isolated from a loved one and these TRIBUNALS are ENFORCING these cruel practices by not allowing loved ones access to each other.

Even in Family Court (which has serious issues itself), access to children(divorce) is allowed.


Isolation is a form of torture. It is brutal and wicked. It is cruel. It destroys families. It is ABUSE on a vulnerable person and their loved ones. It should be abolished as a cult tactic and those who engage in this form of abuse are jailed under the Crimes Code in each State.

We have seen the public guardians and aged care/group homes (even abusive family members against other families) use this tactic on members. These victims can confirm how dangerous this practice is.

Isolation ALSO covers abusive practices (often the vulnerable are unaware they are being abused).

It has to be exposed and stopped!



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